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Sasan Gir - a tourism portal about book online hotels in Sasan Gir and thorough information about Asiatic lions.

After independence the Government of India made Sasan Gir as Gir National Park in 1975 to protect the only place for Asiatic lions and conserve other rare species of Animals and birds. It is located in south westen part of Gujarat near Junagadh. Trees found here are ber ,jamun, babul, flame of the forest ,zizyphus, tendu and dhak. Also plants like karanj, umlo, amli, sirus, kalam ,charal and an occasional vad or banyan tree are also found. 

GirNational Park is widely expanded with 1412 km square of the area. Leopards, chowsinghas, and the captivating Asiatic lions, which are comparatively small than the African lions, are the reasons why one should visit Sasan Gir forest. There are also other carnivores, mammals, reptiles, herbivores, and the spellbinding 300+ species of birds and this place is also only 43 kilometres away from Junagadh.

Winter season is considered best to visit Sasan Gir as the Royal Lions are most active in winter. Transportation to Sasan Gir becomes easy because of the buses available from its proximate sasan gir Junagadh. Sasan Gir can also be reached by the rail means of transportation. Keshod is the most nearer airport allowing the aerial transportation for Sasan Gir. Gir is precisely connected to other states and the government also provides bus transportation to make it easier for the visitors. Most frequent buses run from Junagadh and Veraval, Rajkot and Somnath.

We even provide the best hotels and resorts which you can book online very easily, both option economical and luxurious budget are given so you can choose as per your own terms. Resorts in Sasan Gir have well appointed staff, with aesthetically designed comfort INS, cottages and tents enabled with Wi-Fi, television, telephone, etc, facilities. The 3 star and 5 star hotels in Sasan Gir provide a monumental experience with its royal accommodation facilities.

Sasan Gir does not hold on to any festival, particularly. The ‘siddi’ people, who dance during specific occasions in order to pertain their ancient beliefs, ‘maldharis’ group, which is a tribe raising cattle, lives in an conventional settlement along with cows, ‘maldharis’, ‘sorathi rabaris’ are also another kind of group at Gir raising the goats, sheep, etc. The Devalia safari park situated 12 kms away from Sasan Gir is like a summary of Gir forest. Having a tight fortification for an area of 4.12 sq.kms,  Devalia safari park narrates you all about the Sasan Gir at cheaper rates and in lesser time with the right information. The park also provides safari rides where one can have the honor of confronting lions on the roads. Kamaleshwar dam is also a spot to be visited which is a dam constructed over one of the seven rivers flowing down the Gir. Tulsi shyam temple, somnath temple, kankai temple, diu, Dwarka, kutch, Junagadh, mandvi beach, girnar hills are some other destinations which one can enroute while their trip to Sasan Gir.